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Single Handle Double Decker

The Metal Series Single Handle Double Decker is an innovative and efficient material handling solution designed for the secure and streamlined transport of goods. With a robust load capacity of 150KG & 300KG , this unit is well-suited for handling medium-sized loads in a variety of industrial environments. Read More
  • Capacity:300 kg to 500 kg
  • Practicality in Operation:Features a two-tiered platform, optimizes space utilization and enhances efficiency in material handling.
  • Enhanced Durability :Built with robust metal construction for long-lasting durability in demanding environments.
  • Model:Metal Series – Single Handle Double Decker
  • Foldable Handle : No
  • Load Capacity:300kg
  • Deck: 2
  • Caster Equippable : Yes
  • Mesh Netting : N/A
  • Product Code : M03-MS114 150KG | M03-MM314 300KG

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