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The 2010 GLP25MX Yale LPG Forklift, is a robust material handling solution designed for versatile applications. With a substantial load capacity of 2.5 tons, this forklift excels in efficiently managing diverse loads. Its maximum lifting height of 3 meters provides adaptability in reaching elevated storage spaces with precision. Read More
  • Capacity: 2,500kg
  • Versatile and Robust Material Handling: Designed for versatile and robust material handling in medium-duty applications.
  • Flexibility in Operation: Maximum lifting height of 3 meters, ensures precise adaptability for accessing elevated storage spaces.
  • Environmentally Conscious Design: Powered by LPG, this forklift ensures optimal performance with a reduced environmental impact.
  • Built for Endurance: Designed with a robust construction, emphasizing durability and long-term productivity.
  • Model: 2010 GLP25MX Yale
  • Stacker Type: LPG Forklift
  • Load Capacity: 2,500kg
  • Max Lifting Height 3 meter
  • Side Shift N/A

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