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P-Shape Hand Truck – 10” Wheel

The P-Shape Hand Truck, equipped with robust 10″ pneumatic wheels featuring a synthetic tube and steel hub, stands as a sturdy and versatile solution for material handling tasks with a substantial load capacity of 180 kg. The P-shape design ensures an ergonomic and comfortable grip for operators during transportation. Read More
  • Capacity:180 kg
  • Versatility in Operation:Suitable for a range of environments, including warehouses, workshops, and construction sites.
  • Built for Efficiency :Ergonomic P-shape design for a comfortable and secure grip during material handling.
  • Model: P-Shape Hand Truck
  • Load Capacity:180 kg
  • Wheel Size: 10″
  • Wheel Type: Pneumatic Wheel with Synthetic Tube and Steel Hub
  • Product Code : M03-P700BA 180KG

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