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Table Lifter – Hydraulic Pump

Presenting the advanced Double Scissor Hydraulic Pump Table Lifter, a versatile solution engineered for precision lifting tasks. This innovative lifter boasts a dynamic load capacity range, accommodating weights from 350 kg to 700 kg with ease.
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  • Capacity: 350 kg to 700 kg
  • Flexibility in Operation: Available in double scissor configuration.
  • Built for Efficiency: Designed with well-suited for various applications, providing reliable lifting, enhanced stability and height reach
  • Model: Hydraulic Pump Table Lifter Double Scissor
  • Stacker Type: Hydraulic Pump
  • Load Capacity:350 kg to 700 kg
  • Number of Scissors Double
  • Product Code : S02-HLT35EH 350KG | S02-HLT700 700KG

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