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Double Sided Book Trolley C/W 3 Sloping Shelves

Double-Sided Book Trolley with 3 Sloping Shelves is a highly functional tool designed to streamline the organization and transportation of books in educational settings. Featuring a double-sided design, this trolley allows easy access from both sides, optimizing storage and facilitating efficient book retrieval. Read More
  • Access: Double-sided design for easy access from both sides.
  • Storage: Three sloping shelves maximize storage and facilitate efficient book retrieval.
  • Application: Ideal for libraries, classrooms, and educational institutions.
  • Type: Double-Sided Book Trolley C/W 3 Sloping Shelves
  • Design: Double-sided
  • Shelves:3 Sloping Shelves
  • Product Code : S02-DBT35-H 787 x 380 x 1060 mm

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